International Conference


Interdisciplinary Vision

National Library of Latvia, Ziedonis Hall

20–21 September, 2019



“From my little pain

I make great​​ songs ”​​ (K. Skujenieks)


Centenary of the State of Latvia has been an important milestone in analyzing our nation's past, identifying today's strength and marking future perspectives. In the vision of Jung's analytical psychology, these times are marked by​​ an important task - healing of cultural trauma. Why should we talk about it now, when the world wars, occupations, repression, deportation, forced exile and life in the Soviet regime have long been behind? It turns out that the traumatic experience - broken, denied, deeply hidden, concealed, perhaps rationalized, but generally not integrated - is passed on to the descendants through transgenerational transfer. As a result, this unconscious legacy tends to occupy quite a large space and continue its destructive action in human psyche today. Person survives, but his creativity is blocked and process of individualization is limited.


Concept of trauma in psychotherapy means experiencing an event as life - threatening, while in the case of cultural trauma it applies not only to individual but to a whole nation. Unlike the individual - cultural trauma affects much deeper layers of psyche, and traumatogenic agent is not only individual, but also as an enemy identified in culture, and is not only caused by the trauma, but also by belonging to the victim group. The situation is made even more complicated by the connection of ancestors with the abusive group or both groups.


Healing of cultural trauma means stopping its quiet journey, or at least mitigating its​​ impact, enabling people to increase not only their external but also their internal freedom, to get rid of trauma complexes that we have, but which we often do not even realize. Time as such does not cure, it is necessary but not sufficient factor in the healing process.​​ Equally necessary are representatives of different professions - historians, anthropologists, theologians, artists and psychotherapists - who are invited to participate in this conference in order to create as broad vision as possible in understanding and healing of cultural trauma.


“...In my view this happens when the life of large social group or of a nation undergoes a profound change of a political, social, or religious nature. Such a change always involves an alteration of the psychological attitude. Incisive changes in history are generally attributed exclusively to external causes. It seems to me, however, that external circumstances often serve merely as occasions for a new attitude to life and the world, long prepared in the unconscious, to become manifest.” (C.G. Jung)


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