Open lecture of Jungian analyst Ursula Wirtz “Eros in relationships – gold mine or minefield”

Latvian Society for Jungian Analytical Psychology offers an opportunity

on April 26, 2024 at 18:00-20:00 to participate in

the open lecture of Jungian analyst Ursula Wirtz

“Eros in relationships – gold mine or minefield”


We will explore the paradoxical power of Eros, which holds the promise of a goldmine but simultaneously threatens disaster and annihilation. Love and death are often violently acted out in relationships. Eros evokes excitement, attraction, desire, and transcendent longings for union and connection with that which transcends us. But Eros has also a shadow side; he can drive us into madness and bring to life not only the most beautiful but also the lowest in us. His transformative potency can transform or destroy us.

Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in literature and philosophy, with a multifaceted expertise, being a clinical and anthropological psychologist as well as a Jungian psychoanalyst, practicing in Zürich, Switzerland. She has been internationally engaged in the training of Jungian analysts in Russia, Czech Republic, the Baltic States, China, and Taiwan. As a psychotraumatologist , her experiences extended to providing supervision for war and torture victims through the Red Cross and guiding therapists in their work with female survivors of mass rapes in former Yugoslavia. Ursula has contributed significantly to the field, with numerous publications covering diverse areas such as trauma, ethics, soul murder, and the convergence of psychotherapy and spirituality. Among her seminal works, “Trauma and Beyond: The Mystery of Transformation” stands as a testament to her expertise, having been translated into multiple languages including German, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Chinese. Presently a  translation is under way of her two other books, “Soulmurder: Incest and Therapy” and “Hunger for Meaning” (Wirtz/Zöbeli) into Ukrainian.

The lecture will take place in the Kampenhausen hall of the hotel “Rixwell Hotel Konventa sēta”, Old Riga, Kalēju street 9/11.


Simultaneous translation into Latvian will be provided during the lecture.
Participation fee 40 euro, upon registration and money transfer until 20.04.
Registering after 20.04., participation fee 50 euro.
Email for information: info@jungabiedriba.lv . Phone for information: 29277533


Registration is closed.


Please register early, as the number of places is limited.


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Sincerely, Latvian Society for Jungian Analytical Psychology